First Aid Kits

The following First Aid Standards may be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Model Code of Practice – First Aid in the Workplace March 2015

the above is the latest National Standard.

Older standards are:

NSW Workcover “Guide to First Aid in the Workplace – 2001”.

Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Qld Government, Department of Industrial Relations, “First Aid Advisory Standard – 2004”

OHS Regulations + Code of Practice State by State in Australia

Australian Capital Territory       Queensland       Victoria       Western Australia

New South Wales      Tasmania       Northern Territory      South Australia

A valuable guide to First Aid can be looked at here: ABC First Aid Guide  – 2nd edition 8-12-08

For information on  First Aid Requirements

National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Scale D, E, G and F

Scale D
Scale E
Scale F
Scale G

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